Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Etsy Banner-DIY


The first time I made a banner I spent hours figuring out how to make it. Then when I went back to make another one I couldn’t remember how to do it so I spend several more hours figuring it out again.

The program I use to make my banner is Picasa, a free photo editing program. ( link for people to download ......) However these tips should work with any photo program.

Below are simple steps to get you started creating your own customized shop banner!

Step 1: Choosing & Saving Your Photos

Pick the photos you want to use as your main focus or background.
~ Tips: If there is an upcoming holiday, you may want shamrocks, or Easter Eggs, grass , etc. Find a picture that has several of the same images or that will work when you crop it. You can also search the internet to find many free photos.
*Once you find that perfect photo for your background save it to your desktop by right clicking on the image and “save image as” from there you can choose to save to your desktop (or another folder which ever is easiest for you to go back to find it later).
* Now that is is saved go to your desktop and click on that picture. You should have the option to edit this picture in Picasa. Once you are in Picasa, right click on the picture and add to Album, then add a new album. Name the album something easy to remember such as Easter Banner.
*After I have an idea of all the photos to use, I add all of those photos to the same album (in this case Easter Banner). You can save these photos to the same album using the same method as steps 1-3.
~Tips: Its good to have a total of 3 pictures in your folder, one for a background, and 2+ from your shop or other desired photos

Step 2: Creating a Collage Styled Banner

*First, you need to make sure you have the correct size. To make a etsy shop banner the suggested size is 760 x 100. You can get this option by choosing the custom option on the left side of the screen there is an option for page format. From there you choose the option for custom aspect ratio. Enter 760x100.
*Next, click on the second icon from the left that creates a collage. At this point you click on that icon to create a collage with your chosen photos that you have saved in your album.
Choose the background in the collage setting. To do this you click on the picture that you want for my background, then on the left side in the middle there are 2 options to use for backgrounds, solid color or use image. We are using the image in this case although if you choose to use a solid color you could choose that for your background. After you have created the background with the correct ratio you will no longer need that picture. For Picasa, it will set the background, but it will also keep the picture in your collage. So you can delete that picture from collage since it has set as your background.
*Next, with the 2 remaining pictures, you can place them wherever you want. Usually I like to place them on an angle. One tilted one way, the other tilted the opposite direction. After I have finished I save the collage.
*Lastly, you can go back into my collage and add my shop name. Choosing the font actually is the part that now takes me the longest. After you've chosen your font and added your name or sale or whatever you want to say then hit save. Then save the collage to your desktop (that’s the easiest place for me to find it). Then add it to my Etsy shop.

Here is my upcoming Easter banner I made while making this blog post:
Here is my St. Patricks Day Banner:
Valentines Banner (made with a plain colored background):

The best part is you can change it for each holiday or season. I love making my own banners

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help making any banners :)

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  1. Thank you. This is helpful. When I made my banner for Etsy, I had no I dea what I was doing. So i spent a lot of time trying to take a picture in a way that would look good when the thing cut it off. It was very frustrating! So, thatnk you!