Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Story

The last several years I have had some amazing goals and dreams.  Last year I decided to run a marathon, and I did it! At the end of last year I decided to open my Etsy shop. Something I had wanted to do for awhile, but just deciding on what to sell was the tricky part.  Well, I started with some crochet things then switched gears a bit. Decided that I love doing birthday party items.  I came up with the idea of Fairy Dust jars when I was thinking back to my daughters birthday party and had given small jars of glitter as a party favor.  So I found some cute jars with a cork and started selling "Fairy Dust" in my shop. Since then I've had several people ask me "What do you do with it?"  These are people that are familiar to me.  If I had asked people if this would sell and their thoughts before I started selling them, I probably wouldn't have started selling them. This has made me realize that we need to just go for our dreams. Try something. If it doesn't work, that's ok! Move on and try something else.  Since putting my jars on my shop a few months ago, I have now sold over 400 jars! 

So I say to anyone who has a thought, dream, goal, etc. as long as it is good, go for it! Live your goals, your dreams, and LOVE life!

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