Saturday, March 3, 2012


 I wanted to share this idea I've had.  These are "pockets" or pouches or bags, whatever you want to call them.  They would be so fun for party favors, gifts, etc.  The best parts are they are so easy to make and you can make any design you want.  The picture about shows the Shamrock Pocket.  I started shipping all my orders (that will fit) in these cute little "pockets." Until St. Patrick's is over, then I'll find another one. 

So you start out with any shape you want.  I suggest cutting a piece of card stock paper first then cutting out 2 of your shape.  If you are using a felt with glitter or a design, make sure the back you are cutting out opposite of the front so your design shows up on both sides.  Then sew along the top edge of only one of your sides (make sure to backstitch) this will give you a finished look.  Then take the other side and finish sewing all the way around.  A fun idea for party favors, etc.  If you don't like to sew or would rather not, you can buy some on my shop and even request any shape (I can attempt it for you :) )

 Crown "pocket"

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