Friday, February 1, 2013

StarlightWoods-Etsy shop Feature

Starlight Woods, such a perfect name!! I absolutely LOVE this shop. What an amazing story and way to use her talents. I love everything in her shop.  Here is her story:

My name is Lisa and I am the mother of 2 girls, 17 and 11. We started Starlight woods sort of on a whim. We are always looking for items to repurpose and create art projects from, the storms of 2011 were crazy, they ripped trees out of the ground and left yards full of limbs. What better material to repurpose!

My favorite piece, well that kind of changes with my moods, some days I crave a big sparkly ring, other days I simply love my minimal studs, if I really had to pick one piece, I think I always do fall back on the big sparkly ring- in light green, it makes me feel happy:)

One similar to this, in light green

My work space...oh boy, well it's a work in progress, I really need more room to bring my ultimate work space to life. Right now it consists of a table with all of my art supplies and outside I have a big shed where I store and cut my wood. My dream is to put a small room onto my house dedicated to my shop :)

The Wood Pile

When I am not working on my shop, I try to work out just a bit to keep in shape and the rest of my time is dedicated to my children and their schedule of activities! There's not much down time but when I do find some, a glass of Pinot noir and some comfy pj's is my heaven!

My advice to anyone starting out is simple, don't give up. If you believe in your vision, work your butt off, research, ask questions and follow your heart.

Some more items from her shop:

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