Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blog Feature: ModisonElectricCo

Today my blog is featuring this cool Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ModisonElectricCo

Here is some info about him, his shop and his inspiration:

 1. I'm a married father of an 18 month little girl, and another due in June. I have full time job working as a project manager for a major lighting company. I've decided to start my own company, and my etsy shop is the first step.

2. I got started in college making small lamps out of empty liquor bottles. At first it was a single lamp, as a quick solution to a broken light in my frat house bed room. Soon my friends saw the lamp and began to take some interest. Before I knew it, I had a little business going. The currency was generally cheap beer, which was great until I graduated. Beer doesn't pay for much outside of the college landscape, so I focused on a career, and ten years later here I am. The small business bug bit me again, and Modison Electric Co. was born. We'll see where it goes from here...

3. My favorite material is by far concrete. I love the process and the possibility of so many cool outcomes. From a clean smooth finish to a textured surface, its all great to look at. Being able to incorporate different aggregates like stone, glass, and even metal shavings to give it a rusted look is exciting. There is no exact science with it, much like cooking. The recipe is similar each time, but I love the freedom of being able to change it up a bit and try new things.

4. My wife and daughter are my inspirations. My wife immigrated to the US from a war torn area of Vietnam when she was very young. She managed to pull herself up from poverty that we here in the States couldn't imagine. She recently graduated with a masters degree and I couldn't be more proud. She proves to me every day that no matter how dire your circumstances, if you put your mind to it, you can achieve your goals and live your dreams. MY daughter is spitting image of my wife. At a young age, she is determined, motivated, and hilarious. Whenever my day is going badly, all I have to do is look her in the eye, and she instantly reminds me what is really important in the world. The two of them are all the inspiration I could ever ask for. I'm lucky enough to have a second little girl due at the end of June. I can't wait to see how she inspires me too.

5. My favorite item in my shop is my two-lamp vertical sconce.
I have two of them lining my hallway, and four of them lighting my workshop. They're functional and great looking. By far my best seller locally, as well as online also.

6. In my off time, I love hanging out at the beach with my family. When I need a little alone time, I dive into the ocean and do a little spearfishing or surfing. Its a great way to wash off the troubles of life. Most days I don't even take any fish, I just dive and watch them. Scallops and halibut are my favorite, if the conditions are right.

7. I can be found online at my etsy shop:
or at facebook: www.facebook.com/ModisonElectricCo


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my shop. I really appreciate the time and effort. Please let me know if there is anything I can do in the future to help you out.
    Modison Electric Co.

  2. Thank you for your article! Welcome to Etsy and Congrats on your shop! Nice accent lamps! We really like their uniqueness. Also appreciate knowing that custom requests are welcome (in case we need a specific color etc...) We will share your shop info with others. Thx!